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Headshot of Juliet Firstbrook

One of the best ways to manage the symptoms of the Menopause is by practising Mindfulness and Meditation. We know this might feel like yet another task on our ‘To Do’ list, when we haven’t any spare time, but, here at Kaleidoscopes, we want to make it VERY simple for you.

We have our very own Mindfulness Consultant, Juliet Firstbrook, on hand to help. Juliet is a highly qualified Teacher with twenty-eight years’ experience, as well as a fully accredited Mindfulness Consultant. She is the Author and Illustrator of ‘How to Calm your Class’, a book of guided meditations for children, and the creator of products such as the ‘Mindfulness in a Tin’ series.

Juliet works with clients, writes courses and creates Personalised Meditations, so we are delighted to offer her services here at Kaleidoscopes. We will feature a brand-new, exclusive recording of her peaceful and powerful meditations every two months. Listen to them right here to relax your tired muscles, calm your mind, reduce your physical symptoms, and feel restored and empowered. Feel free to contact Juliet directly for your very own Personalised Meditation.