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Lots of words describing menopause and it's symptoms

The menopause has affected every woman over the centuries, yet we are still trying to work out how best to navigate this time of change and for many, great affliction! One thing to note is that we are all different, and menopausal challenges are all different, so one size generally does NOT fit …

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Ruth and Cerus in the radio station
Radio and GaGaaaaaahhh!!!! All this tech!!

On the 26th of April, Cerus and I were on the old wireless almost 3 weeks ago – funny that the radio used to be called the wireless, now we really are living wireless, in a whole other way. The radio is an interesting place, I guess that podcasts can be compared to them – the talk shows, …

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Juliet Firstbrook
Focus: Stay Present

Do you ever sign up enthusiastically for things, like courses or classes you know you really need, but then fail to find time to do them? 🤔 I have about six on the go at the moment. Some I’ve actually started and others I can’t even remember who did them or how to access them! They’re just…

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Peggy Cheyo
Becoming Me

Becoming ME, reconnecting with who I was. ‘I just don’t know who I am anymore.’ I hear this so often with my clients. Life, years, work, children, aging parents… The numerous roles and hats we juggle often send us into Superwoman energy, flipping from one role to the next. While we manage …

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Juliet Firstbrook Standing on hill with a lake in the background
Mindfully Menopausing

“Anxiety exhaustion… let me just write that down.” That’s how my former boss responded when I fed back to her my doctor’s diagnosis. I was actually experiencing the Peri-Menopause and had been completely misdiagnosed. I was prescribed sleeping tablets and told they would help. I regularly …

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Lucy Childerly
As Women

As women, we can take on a lot. In our 20’s and 30’s we can feel invincible. We are confident, happy, energised, unstoppable! For some this continues throughout life, but for others , the 40’s and 50’s can paint a very different picture. By the time we reach our 40’s we may be balancing a care…

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Ruth and Cerus smiling against a snowy backdrop

Menopausing – there’s been a lot of media and celebrity talk about it over the last year or two, and rightly so. Women all over the world go through this phase of life, some at the “expected” time, others early, those that get there all too quickly through essential surgery, and the ladies who gli…

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