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A circle of support, sharing and expertise for those facing menopause

Since time began, menopause has been brushed off and ignored - hot flushes, a bit of forgetfulness, and your periods stopping. But it’s so much bigger than that, and can be far more devastating, to us and the people who love us. We should all know the reality of what is happening, why, and how it impacts everyone, every age, every gender.

What is Kaleidoscopes?

Menopause is a huge change in every woman’s life – and at last, it’s being recognised. People with a voice and influence – like Davina McCall – are speaking out about the enormous and devastating impact it can have on our physical, mental and emotional health. And thanks to books and programmes like the ones she’s released, we’re beginning to join the dots and see how all of these link together – and how to get through it, coming out the other side even more beautiful and powerful than we were.

When you’re pregnant, you get a dedicated midwife. When you’re perimenopausal, there’s nothing there – and no help at all for what’s going on in your body, mind and heart.

At Christmas in 2020, I was so tired - my joints hurt, my skin was bad, I felt really low and anxious, and I didn’t know the person in the mirror. I was so scared and felt everything was getting out of control – although nothing seemed serious enough to warrant a doctor’s visit. But when I saw Davina’s first programme, I finally had a lightbulb moment – it was perimenopause. And I decided I needed to do something to help other women with it, too.

And then I came along! Cerus and I got talking, as we do, and as I’d been making notes for starting a support group for women around menopause and hormonal changes, for education, for knowing you weren’t alone, so we decided to do it together. My own had been fast after hysterectomy, like an out of control high speed train, and I had no support, no clue what to do, I had been highly emotional in every direction. It was scary, and lonely.

You can see our motivation, and as mothers to two teenage girls, we realised that it’s so important that our young women and girls are empowered through education for their future as well - so that when they hit any version of menopause, they’ll know what’s going on, what questions to ask, and where to go to get help.

Kaleidoscopes menopause group

Metamorphosing through Menopausing

Did you know that a flock of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope? Butterflies come into their true beauty and potential in the second stage of their lives... just as we can.

We bring you a safe virtual collective of phenomenal expert and professional women in a community which supports you, your mother, your partner, your colleague, your daughter, through the journey that is Menopausing. With a plethora of symptoms such as hot sweats, thinning hair, insomnia, exhaustion, brain fog, just to name a few, Menopausing women need the open and welcoming wings that we provide, a safe space to find what they need, to feel wrapped up and secure.

In the workspace, we provide innovative and unique events to give your people the knowledge and understanding in a way that supports your business and your sustainable development goals.

As our group grows, The Kaleidoscopes is metamorphosing to meet the needs of our community - come and grow with us.