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Headshot of Ann Little

Ann Little

Ann brings planning and organisation to your business following many years of experience as a business owner and virtual PA. She will help you complete your business growth projects, managing the change for your business keeping you well and truly accountable and on track.

Headshot of Emma Louise Stokes

Emma Louise Stokes

Hello there, I'm Emma - I'm a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist. My mission is to guide others to find their true, beautiful selves, find freedom from limiting beliefs, opening up the space for for self-growth, self-love, and empowerment. Fascinated by anything to do with the human mind, passionate about SE Asian food, upcycling furniture, yoga and meditation, and anything that soothes the soul!

Headshot of Emma Ozburn

Emma Ozburn

Hello! I am Emma Senior Stylist with MeAmora! I helped transform the at- home beauty, experience with innovative salon, quality, lash clusters, and press on nails. My goal is to help women feel and look amazing. We specialise in two amazing products, our fabulous DIY easy to pop on, Lash Clusters and our stunning DIY 10 min Press on Nails! With 4 options for lashes and over 80 nail colours, you are sure to find a favourite! Both products are vegan and cruelty free too! It’s time to feel fresh and fabulous with MeAmora!

Headshot of Hannah Charman

Hannah Charman

Medical Herbalist

Hannah first became interested in alternative medicine when she used it to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in her early teens. She graduated from Middlesex University with an honours degree in Western Herbal Medicine in 1999 and has been a practising medical herbalist ever since. Hannah now specialises in helping cancer survivors who’d prefer a natural route through menopause, combining herbal medicine with health coaching and/or hypnotherapy into tailor made treatment programmes. Hannah lives in Shropshire with her family, and loves swimming, gardening and walking in her spare time.

Headshot of Juliet Firstbrook

Juliet Firstbrook

BA Hons, PGCE, Dip. Mindfulness Teaching

Juliet Firstbrook is a Mindfulness Consultant, Teacher, Published Author and Artist. She is on a mission to help adults and children to stop suffering from stress and anxiety. Through her Personalized Meditations and the practice of Mindfulness and Meditation, she helps you to feel calm, relaxed and empowered.

Headshot of Minttu Tala

Minttu Tala

Hello, I'm Minttu Tala, an RTT and Hypnotherapist as well as a Reiki healer. Originally from Finland, I always had a deep calling to help other people and already from young age I was fascinated with alternative therapies and ancient philosophies. Having studies many of them including Traditonal Chinese Medicine and lived across the globe, I finally found my tribe here in the UK. Having tackeld with these issues in my own life, I'm now passionate about empowering women to find freedom and fall in love with their unique gorgeous self and to gain back the unstoppable confidence and unshakable self-belief they were born with.

Headshot of Samantha Bradford

Samantha Bradford

Director and Chartered Financial Planner

Samantha Bradford is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and a Certified Money Coach. She has been advising private individuals and businesses as a Financial Planner for over 23 years. Sam has a desire to empower you to use your hard earned money today and know that tomorrow's finances are taken care off. Since setting up Simplicity - financial planning practice in 2020, she works closely with individuals and couples to help demystify money and unravel emotions, money blocks and preconceptions to enable you make the most of your life now and use your money as a tool to help you build a robust financial plan to reach your future goals.

Headshot of Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray

Sarah is a Personal Stylist with over 18 years experience. Discover, Define & Embrace the confident & authentic YOU. Sarah helps female business owners, and all women, to be confident in their unique personal style so they can increase their visibility, rediscover their inner style, and regain confidence.

Headshot of Shehnaaz Latif

Shehnaaz Latif

Hi, I’m Shehnaaz 😊 I’m 50 and determined to navigate through the menopause with grace and intention by making beautiful connections with various constellations of women that are mutually supportive; carving out time for proper self-care (because you are your own best friend) and being of service to anyone who wants natural wellness solutions. Together we can explore plant power and doTerra essential oils, gifts of the Earth!

Headshot of Tania Noble

Tania Noble

Health & Wellness Coach

Tania Noble is a Shiatsu masseuse, nutrition coach and health and wellness consultant with Arbonne. She is passionate about helping people to feel healthier and happier and for over 18 years has helped many women navigate the menopause (as a shiatsu masseuse), helping them to naturally find more energy and balance.

Headshot of Tracey Whitman

Tracey Whitman

We provide a safety net and assurance that if the worst happens, through illness or death, you and your family will be fully protected. We are a whole of market company offering protection insurance for individuals and if applicable, their businesses. Ian’s specialist protection insurance experience coupled with Tracey’s healthcare background enables us to organise protection in a sensitive and caring way.

Headshot of Veronica Ebanks

Veronica Ebanks

Born in Jamaica raised in the UK. Science graduate who has worked in science, education, and community. Freelance safeguarding trainer, writer; author of The Hysterectomy Chronicle and other works. Micro-business owner making skincare, natural well-being advocate. Performing artist, loves travel, vintage clothing. Volunteers as a creativity mentor and coach.