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Radio and GaGaaaaaahhh!!!! All this tech!!

15 May 2023

Ruth and Cerus in the radio station

Cerus and I were on the old wireless almost 3 weeks ago – funny that the radio used to be called the wireless, now we really are living wireless, in a whole other way.

The radio is an interesting place, I guess that podcasts can be compared to them – the talk shows, the human chat and interaction that has been the media and around longer than the visual kind.

It was fab, and fun, and you should listen if you can, with Liz Flower (go to around 8:10pm). Why? Because you’ll get to hear what we’re up to, how we’ve had to become even more flexible, because we want to find the ways to serve you that you are comfortable to reach. You’ll hear a little about how we’re going to transform workplaces, how we’re listening to you.

I was asked to share our piece again, though in a more accessible way…

It was a fair question as so many people said they couldn't access, and it was annoying to have to sign in to the BBC to get to it, but that’s their way of tracking listeners. That leads me on to social media – what a minefield that is, we genuinely can’t keep up! We’re both mothers, we have children to feed, bills to pay. We have had wonderful training from amazing people, so how come we’re both slightly mind blown about facing more than Facebook, because Instagram is close, and I was doing ok with that for a while until I was convinced we need a LinkedIn presence =O that’s the old-fashioned “look of horror” face before emoji’s grew up, I’ll resist following the tangent I could easily allow my mind to go down on that topic.

And that leads me on to feeling old because I was asked questions about the radio show, about how I was going to share it again (as I mentioned above), and use it as a tool for marketing our work. Hang on a minute… I’d shared before, during and after... I had to do more? Wait? What? How? This is a world that we didn't imagine – those of us in our 40-60’s – and here we are expecting to keep up! Seriously? A sound clip they said… I have less than two weeks to figure that one out.

I would like to share that my brain has gone through huge changes and stressors since I worked in IT. In life before children, I used to operate a data centre, fix programs (dos, basic, it was easy, not all the GUI stuff around now), and support others with their tech. But then my brain changed through pregnancy and childbirth, and again through menopause and poorly timed trauma’s (those are rarely well-timed by nature) – they say it only lasts a short time, and yet I still have many moments of brain fog. Days or nights when I’m just too hot, or bloated if I eat the wrong (for me) things.

Despite my determination, whilst I can get a copy of our interview, the BBC want £30 and won’t let me even share it!