Kaleidoscopes Butterfly


5 Jan 2023

Ruth and Cerus smiling against a snowy backdrop

Menopausing – there’s been a lot of media and celebrity talk about it over the last year or two, and rightly so. Women all over the world go through this phase of life, some at the “expected” time, others early, those that get there all too quickly through essential surgery, and the ladies who glide through seamlessly. Why should we go through it quietly and not really understanding what’s going on? Why should those we live with wonder why we cry/scream/laugh all in the space of 5 minutes, or less? If we don’t understand, how will they? To HRT or to not HRT, is that the question? The reality is that there are so many more questions, so many.

The Kaleidoscopes was formed to create a safe space for supporting women who are at any stage of their lives to come and be part of a growing community, we are working toward understanding what’s going on with our bodies and our minds, whether we’re 25, 55 or somewhere in-between. And we have experts to help navigate us through #

How are we going to do this?

From January, once a month, online for now, we will meet with experts who all have answers to your hormonal and menopausal questions. It’s an opportunity to ask those questions, openly and anonymously, “What is this brain fog?”, “Why am I so tired but sleep isn’t coming?”, “Why do I hate my family/partner all of a sudden?, “Who am I turning into?”, “What can I do to take care of myself?”. Our January expert is Lucy Childerley, a specialist in women’s health, hormonal balance, and how to recognise and manage symptoms. Lucy will be at all three meetings so do book on at a time that suits your diary, we’re covering the whole day! We have amazing local experts lined up for the months ahead too.

Why are we setting this group up? It’s not all about it being ok to talk openly about menopause now, though we’re glad it is becoming so, it’s because we are on our journeys too, and we passionately believe that more support and education is needed. It’s because we’re all different, Cerus and Ruth started working on their “how to support menopausing” quite separately, then got talking and realised that they could merge their ideas, two friends, and they have two very different stories.

Cerus is in her peri-menopause, this means that she still menstruates, there are hot flushes, brain fog, maniacal thoughts, and it’s a process. Ruth has technically “menopaused” through medical urgency – potential cancer, she was strongly advised to have a hysterectomy – everything out except her left ovary (aka Lefty) who was not strong. Cerus found massive inspiration and learned a huge amount through Davina McCall’s work last year. Ruth was told “you might want to up your oestrogen” – what did that mean?

Now it is our mission, our passion, to bring expertise to you, not just to the women experiencing this very normal part of life now, but to their mothers, like our own, who didn't get answers 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago, to the daughters who will get there eventually. We want to educate the partners, fathers and sons too, that is our next step. We want the Buckingham community to lead the way in being the most menopause supportive town in the country.

Speakers will be covering all aspects of self-care and where women can access effective one to one support. We have female hormone specialists, nutritionists, menopausal hair care, body image boosting, skin care, mental health and then a celebration evening in July with professional entertainment.

There will be more dates to come for later in the year, including some enlightening evening events for men.

To join us at any of these amazing events, follow the Events link in the menu bar at the top of the page!

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With love, from Cerus & Ruth x